Meet the Family


Andrew is a thirty-something born in Pittsburgh and raised in an actual town called Mars, Pennsylvania.  He is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh with an MBA from Point Park University and is the city’s best number cruncher at a big bank in the city.  Interests include gaming (when he finds the time), following all Pittsburgh sports, trolling the Twitterverse, his nightly routine of Seinfeld, tea, and popcorn, and expanding his bobble head collection.  Dislikes include sugary desserts, traffic, beef stroganoff, and disorganization on his desk.


Stephanie is in her late twenties early thirties and hails from the small town, Reedsville, in central Pennsylvania.  She graduated with a degree in Art Education from Indiana University of Pennsylvania and is currently a stay-at-home mom.  Interests include  crocheting, floral design, mug collecting, celebrity gossip, The Golden Girls, and making soups.  Dislikes include wet jeans and hearing people chew and drink.


Will (aka Willnado) is the most scrumptious and hilarious wrecking ball of a little boy! He will run, jump, climb, and play all day long and snuggle all night.  He enjoys sneaking candy, car rides, french fries, talking on the phone, bath time, dancing, and superheroes.  Dislikes include sitting still, wearing socks, and when Peppa Pig is over.  He is a huge light in our lives and we love him to the moon and further!


Paige (aka Sweet Pea) is truly the sweetest, most heart-melting little girl.  She has the softest skin and hair, brightest blue eyes, and the most calming hilariously diva-like nature.  She loves snuggling, eating, watching her big brother, rolling around, shopping trips, and rocking in her chair.  Dislikes include getting hair brushed, wearing shoes, being cold, and green beans.  She is our angel on earth and we love her to bits!


Jay is the newest member of our crew and he is a snuggle-bunny!  We are in awe of this little nugget and he is adjusting to the craziness rather well.  Always smiling and sweet, he is a great joy and beautiful addition to our family!



  1. Thank you for sharing your experience
    Our son was just diagnosed with Liss and we feel life is over. We are heartbroken and don’t know how to continue on for our other 2 children!

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