Month: June 2016

All About the Therapists

It’s official.  We aged out. Our birth-3 year Early Intervention team is done and this is our first week without them.  We had to say goodbye to the group of amazing therapists that have been with us, supporting us, and strengthening us since since Paige was 6 months old.  We knew this day was coming and we were prepared but it was still incredibly emotional.  They have become our family.

I’m feeling so many feel about this.

Happy for making it this far. Sad that they’re gone.  Anxious about the next step.  Reflective about all of the progress Paige made in the past 2 1/2 years.  Thankful for this Early Intervention service.  Mostly though, I’m grateful.

Grateful for the countless hours these therapists have put into bettering Paige’s quality of life.  Hours of paperwork, phone calls, and connections made to get equipment and devices we need.  Extra time taken to accompany us to appointments and orthotic fittings when they didn’t have to.  Time spent pushing and guiding Paige to do more than we were ever told was possible.  All of this and so much more.  As I said, they are our family.

Most of all, I’m grateful of the special relationship each of them had with Paige.  Honestly, there is not one therapist she did not light up like a Christmas tree when they walked through our front door.  She would cheer and happily shriek when I would mention their names.  She knows them. Every one of them loved her and she loved all of them back.  Each had their own bond with her that fostered an environment to help her grow.  And let me tell you, she did.

Every single one of these people were there from the very start of our Lissencephaly journey and have helped us navigate our way to where we are now.  Eric, the vision therapist was here the day after our diagnosis.  The others shortly after.  Paige couldn’t be luckier!

IMG_5933Eric – Vision TherapyIMG_6007Barb – NutritionIMG_0980 (1)Keely – Physical TherapyIMG_2696Gabriella – Conductive EducationIMG_3590Keely, again!IMG_4446

Not pictured (yet):
Emily – Occupational Therapy
Alex – Occupational Therapy
Dee – Developmental

Thank you, all!!

*I got permission from all therapists to use first names