Potty Training – Number 2

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I mean, PART 2!  We’re still working on “Number 2”…

My last post chronicled the start of our Potty Training adventure and every day it’s getting better!  In fact, not even a minute after I hit Publish Will informed me he NEEDS TO GO POTTY and that’s exactly what he did!  Progress.. Ahhhhh!

When we’re at home, he’s not in a diaper.  There have been some accidents here and there and tears were shed when the Mickey Mouse undies were peed on but overall we’re chugging along.  It’s pretty amazing to see Will’s development and growth in only a couple of days.  I think, as parents, we often underestimate our children’s abilities for many reasons.  A big on for us is accepting the fact that our little boy is growing up!  I mean, he’s not even three years old yet but it really feels like he was just born sometimes.  I also think I am a little overreactive and celebrate the littlest things about milestones because Paige has taught me to do that.  This Blog has mostly followed her adventures with Lissencephaly but also has documented the lessons and the shift of our thoughts on LIFE as a result of the diagnosis.

Did I ever think I would blog about Potty Training?  Heck, no!  But it’s a nice break from hospital stays and setbacks.  It may be a skill everybody learns and it may not be a big deal, but it also represents growth, development, and another thing we can CELEBRATE!  We’ve certainly learned to do that a lot more around here!

Birthday/Baptism post is almost finished.. coming soon!


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