Potty Training. Here We Go!



The time has come.  I’ve been dreading it and putting it off for a few months but it’s time.  Time to potty train, that is.  The reason I’ve kind of been “conveniently forgetting” to start is because I know it’s going to suck.  It’s going to be messy.  And it’s going to be frustrating.  With everything that’s gone on with Paige the last year I really just didn’t want to be stressed if I didn’t have to be.  Since things have been pretty routine (knock on wood) and it’s summer, I think it’s time to give it a go.  Also, Will seems to be ready!  Well, ready-ish.

I’ve been reading about the “3 Day Method” and “Naked Potty Training” and it basically entails letting Will run around all day naked or in underpants and placing them on the potty every 20-30 minutes.  The goal is to camp out in the house for a few days to learn their cues and when they have to go.  For instance, some kids hide to go to the bathroom, some squirm or cross their legs, others will cry, etc.  Eventually, they will realize that they will get wet (or squishy) when they soil themselves, it will be uncomfortable, and when a diaper isn’t an option, the potty really is the way to go!  If your child responds to a reward system, you can throw that in there too.  Sounds easy right?

Hah!  Nothing is ever reeeallly that simple.  At least not for my toddler.

Will is a great kid!  He’s active, he’s smart, he’s aware of his surroundings, and he’s the funniest and most caring child.  He also really likes his diaper.  He’d probably go to Kindergarten in a diaper if I let him.  Okay, not really, but let’s just say he knows that he doesn’t have to stop dancing to The Wiggles to go to the bathroom if he has one on his bum.  So what’s my plan?

I… ummm.. don’t really have one.  I guess I’m sort of doing the Naked Method because he’s currently naked as a jaybird but I’m not camping out all day for 3 days.  I think I’ve said this before, but I get the WORST cabin fever and it’s summer!  However, I keep reminding myself that Will is turning 3 at the end of the summer and we must start somewhere.

Here’s my recap of the past day and a half:

Yesterday, after wakeup, I slipped a fresh pair of Mickey Mouse underwear on Will.  He loved them!  Like, strutted around wanting to FaceTime all of our family members loved them.  He was super pumped about them until.. uh oh – HE PEED!  Ev-er-y-where!  It’s okay, though!  It’s actually a good thing and to be expected.  His bum felt wet and gross and it triggered (I’m hoping) something in his noggin that says I don’t like this and it will kickstart the Potty is Good feeling.  After cleaning up, we tried to sit on the potty every 20-30 minutes, as recommended.  Nothing.  I gave him some water and after a few swigs Will actually told me he had to go!  YES!  MY KID’S A GENIUS!  However, after about 10 minutes of sitting, nothing again.  Shoot.  Oh well.  

Will is naked at this point and I’m keeping him close by.  I suppose this is part of the Learning the Cues portion of our training.  Remember that water I gave him? The cup is empty now and I knew he had to go and he did.  This time, it was a tiny squirt on the floor.  Will prefers the “big boy potty” but I keep the “kiddie potty” in the living room for such instances.  I place Will on the “kiddie” and he’s upset because he peed on the floor.  Again, good sign of readiness!  Much to my dismay, no pee, again.

Break time.  I decide I’m already tired of potty training so I call my cousin.  We talked for about 10 minutes and Will tells me he has to go.  I (half pay attention) and just plop him on the “big boy” and keep talking.  Then it happened.  That twinkle sound!  AHHHHHHHH! Praise the Lord, he did it!  As you can imagine, jumping and cheering ensued and I gave Will “The Chocoholic” a mini Twix bar.  Will was so proud and it was the cutest thing.  Me, being the “smother” I am, hovered over the poor kid the first half of the morning.  When I backed off, it happened!  Isn’t that always the way?

The rest of the day was spent running errands so I thought it would be wise to end training day #1 on a good note and wait until tomorrow to try again.

And here is is..  My recap of this morning:

From everything I’ve ready, day 2 is supposed to be the hardest.  The excitement wears off and the kids (and parents) just don’t find the whole hullabaloo as intriguing.  It makes sense!  Kids have the attention span of.. well kids, so I expected this.  So far, day 2 has been very fitting of it’s description.

Every single attempt to sit on the “big boy” was brief.  Will is no dummy and when he sits, he’ll try to trick me by making a hissing sound (like pee hitting water) and clap for himself only to demand for a Peppermint Patty.  Ugh, that’s not how it works kid.  And by the way, this is why rewards aren’t a good idea.  

This happened all morning with absolutely nothing to show for it except for tears and meltdowns for being denied chocolate.  Oh!  And nap time started promptly after he threw one of Paige’s shoes in the toilet.  Deep breath.

More potty training will resume this afternoon and I’ll recap tomorrow.  One (of the millions) of tips I got is to be patient.  I think when he wakes up we’ll share a bowl of ice cream and just chill.  He can’t really go to Kindergarten in a diaper, can he?

Paige’s Baptism/Birthday party post coming soon!!


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  1. Patience is key – It’s all about getting them comfortable with the toilet. I potty trained my daughter with pull-ups – I told her she was wearing underwear and couldn’t wet them. Even when she told me that she had to go a little too late (after she had already peed)… I still took her to the bathroom and put her on the toilet. Whenever she went to the bathroom on time I gave her a sticker. After 2 weeks she got used to the idea of going to the bathroom and in a leap of faith, I began putting underwear on her. She has been good ever since. She really loved the sticker reward system.

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