Month: May 2014

It’s been a while!

It’s been a few weeks since my last post and I thought it was time to catch up.  Since the weather has gotten nicer we’ve been spending a lot of time outdoors and on-the-go!  Thankfully, nothing has changed about Paige’s health and she is growing big and getting stronger.  One of the reasons I’ve been so busy is because I’ve been planning her FIRST birthday party and Baptism!  Her birthday falls on a Saturday so I thought it would be special to have them on the same day!

I truly can’t believe she’s going to be a whole year old. Unlike Will’s first year, I can’t say this year has exactly flown by but we still have a lot to look back to reflect. More importantly, we have a lot to be THANKFUL for. I’ll save my recap of Year AP (After Paige) for another post but even through the highest highs and lowest lows, Paige has always been an absolute delight and we love her so much!

I’ve said this in previous posts, but we’ve been really focusing on each present moment and have been making memories.  We’ve been all over!  Phipps Conservatory, the Pittsburgh Zoo, the mall play area, play dates, parks, sporting events, lots of shopping trips, and grandparent visits.  I have found that the nice weather and keeping busy has really kept our spirits up and I’ve grown to really appreciate the downtime.  Instead of using my time to dwell and worry, I am actually enjoying the days where we can explore and the evenings I get to spend on the couch with my babies!  On our many ventures, I’ve also noticed how much Will is maturing and it is really wonderful to see.  He’s talking so much more, using his manners, and not testing boundaries as much.  It’s pretty much the cutest thing when he says, “Sank you, Mommy!” when I strap him in his car seat after a fun outing.

I’ve also noticed that Paige has grown very looong in the past few months and my arms are getting pretty buff from carrying her.  Since we usually go to kid-friendly places, I usually spend my time chasing Will around and Paige is usually in my arms or in her stroller.  I don’t really love keeping her in her stroller when we’re out because I feel like she’s missing the fun and it’s important for me that she’s a part of the group.  Actually, it’s pretty important to her too because she will cry if she’s aways from Will and the other kids now.

Now that Paige is getting older, I’ve been researching some resources and equipment that might make our lives easier.  I typically scour Pinterest and ask online support groups for recommendations and I’ve decided that Babywearing is a great option for us.  For those of you who don’t know what it is, it really is exactly how it sounds.  It’s simply using a carrier that you strap on you to help carry your child.  Although I didn’t exactly choose Babywearing as a lifestyle, it has been beneficial and extremely practical in the short time we’ve been doing it.  I did a ton of research and chose to use the Ergobaby 360 because I can ‘wear’ Paige four different ways:  Forward facing me, forward facing away from me, on the hip, and on my back.  It’s ergonomically designed to distribute the child’s weight and it is incredibly comfortable for me and Paige!  We have been loving it!

My reasons for Babywearing:

1:  I don’t want Paige to SIT all of the time.  If there is one thing that having a profoundly disabled child has taught me it’s to get off of my butt and do something because I can!  When my daughter was given a Lissencephaly diagnosis she was also given a laundry list of limitations and things we can expect her not to do.  If I can help her do anything other than lay down or sit, I sure as heck am going to do it!

2.  So she can see the world.  Since her brain is structurally impaired (her brain is smooth) we’re not exactly sure what she can see.  We know she can see but, to what extent, we don’t know.  If you smile at Paige she’ll smile right back so we know she recognizes faces. If she can recognize faces, she’s obviously is aware of her surrounding and I want her to be able to be included in those surroundings, just like her brother.

3.  Placiocephaly aka “Flat Head”.  Sitting and laying in her car seat, rocker, and crib can cause her to have this after time and it will require a helmet to correct.  With everything else that she has going on, I’d rather not have to deal with this if I can prevent it.

4.  Practicality.  Free hands, people!  I don’t have to lug her in the car seat any more and, like I said, she’s getting big so those days are numbered anyway.  When Paige is in the Ergo, I am able to have a free shopping cart again and she can interact with Will who is in the seat.  I also don’t have to worry about dragging a stroller all of the time.  I can take escalators and walk the stairs.  These are things that people take for granted.  Let’s be honest, one day Paige will probably need a wheelchair and I want to take full advantage of my “equipment-free” life while I have it!

5.  Snuggles!  Obviously, the sweetest and my most favorite reason for babywearing.  I like having her close and she likes it, too!  I also like to kiss the top of her fuzzy head when she’s in it and she especially likes to grip my fingers as I bounce her.  It’s really, really adorable!

The past few days have been holed up indoors with a sick toddler.  I think we’re finally seeing a light at the end of the tunnel but I’m really hoping, wishing, and praying Paige doesn’t get it.  Sick children are the pits!  But now, it’s picture time!


Getting strong in the Bumbo!  This thing always made me a little sad because she always toppled out of it but lately she’s been sitting wonderfully in it and is getting stronger, every day!

IMG_0294IMG_0285 IMG_0277

Easter with the kiddos!

IMG_0260 IMG_0244 IMG_0303

IMG_0174IMG_0211   The Pittsburgh Zoo and Phipps ConservatoryIMG_0136 IMG_0144

Park and Shopping!