A Brighter Post.



Today, I woke up determined to have a better day.  After a few days of tears, I decided it was enough and my emotions were getting a little out of hand.  Since I was a kid, I’ve always been a worrier and it seems that I continually forget that things always seem to work out. Somehow, someway, they always do.  I picked myself up and realized that we will make it.  We will get through this and we are not alone.  

Just this morning, I could hear her kicking her legs and crying out because she was hungry.  When I went to get her out, she was rolling from her back to her side and had the biggest smile.  Her excitement was certainly contagious and brought me back to Earth.  We’ve always said that we will accept, love, and be proud of Paige no matter what she able or not able to do.  Paige is Paige.  She is not a milestone checklist, a medical chart, or a diagnosis.  She is such a great joy in our lives.  She’s a the sweetest little baby who loves getting her little feet rubbed and taking baths.  She likes it when you “boop” her nose and when her brother kisses her cheeks.  

We don’t care about what she can’t do because she is an incredible gift to this family and continues to amaze us.  She is pure and absolute love, every day!  Whatever happens she will ALWAYS be special and we’ll always show her she is loved!



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